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Best Boat Bait and Fillet Tables

In this article, we’re going to look at a variety of fillet tables that mount onto your boat. These include rod holder mounts, rail mount, Tracker Versatrack mounts, and more.

When looking for a bait prep or fillet table for your boat, the first concern is how it’s going to be mounted. There are many options but if you have a rod holder or rail than the table can attach to then this is the easiest solution. Mounting a fillet table on a deck boat is different than mounting on a pontoon boat, and these are things we’re going to cover by looking at some of the most popular fillet tables and solutions for each.

Top Picks

What about fish clamps? Most fillet tables that mount onto your boat won’t include a clamp.

Most fillet boards that mount onto you boat don’t have built-in fish clamps. For whatever reason, it’s just not common. It’s extremely easy to purchase a clamp separately and install it yourself, if this is something you’re concerned about. These boards generally have wall on each side of the board to keep your fish from sliding off overboard, but if you get a wider board there should be plenty of room. You’ll want to make sure you can completely compress the clamp and it doesn’t get caught on the wall of your board. So maybe give about an inch to an inch and a half of space between the wall of the board and the clamp.

Rod Holder Mounted Fillet Tables

Pactrade Marine Fishing Fillet TableKnife/Plier Holder; Drain hole for 1" pipe; Two Compartments; Bait hook holes on side; Adjustable Angle18" x 14.75"Check Amazon
Five Oceans White Bait/Fillet Serving Cutting Board3 Knife holders, 1 Plier Slot, Adjustable Angle20" x 12.75"Check Amazon
Brocraft Boat Bait Fillet Table1 Knife holder, 1 Plier slot, Adjustable Angle19.3" x 11.2"Check Amazon
Magma Products Bait/Filet TableGrooved sides and slotted back for drainage; Ruler on back panel; 2 Knife holsters, plier holder19-7/8" x 12-3/4"Check Amazon
Magma Products Bait/Fillet Table (31-Inch)Plier storage; knife holsters; engraved black ruler; Extra-wide 31"31" x 13"Check Amazon

The Pactrade Fillet Table is the overall most well-rated option at a great price. The two compartments give you somewhere to store items such as bait hooks or anything you don’t want to slide off the table. Like most of the other fillet boards, it’s made of UV-resistant polyethylene and can withstand years of exposure to the sun and wear from a knife blade.

Most reviewers agree that this is a high-quality board that is much cheaper than models you might run into at a typical bait and tackle shop. One downside reported is the board can’t adjust in all directions as well as some other more expensive boards, so getting it to sit completely level may not be possible. One of the most important details about a boat-mounted fillet board is stability. We’ve noticed very few complaints about this board staying in place and needing to make modifications. Even with much more expensive boards that mount into rod holders you often see complaints about stability, so this may be a fluke and it really depends on how snug your mounting rod fits into your boats rod holder.

Pactrade Marine Fishing Fillet Table

The Pactrade has an engraved ruler for measuring your catch when you get started filleting. It resists cuts, cracks, and mildew. You can expect years of use from this board. The knife and plier holders are at the top of the board, but you can also use the two compartments for holding items as well.


  • Rod length: 12-1/2″
  • Overall height: 19-1/2″
  • Cutting board dimensions: 18″ x 14-3/4″
  • Bait hook holes on both sides of the board
  • Quick release nut for easy angle adjustment

What We Like

  • Board quality is excellent for price range
  • Plenty of storage for tools and tackle


  • Not as adjustable as some boards
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In short, the Pactrade is the best budget option for a fillet table that mounts in a rod holder. If you don’t have a rod holder built into your boat they’re very easy to install and are inexpensive.

Magma Products Bait/Fillet Table

Looking for an extra-wide table? This Magma Fillet Table comes in a 31-inch version.

The Magma Fillet Table has top-notch adjustability and you can lock it into place at just about any angle you want as the board is attached to a simple ball joint. You have 2 slots for holding knives and a plier holder. Additionally, there is a slot for holding a fillet knife on the side of the board toward the front. The front knife slot keep the knife blade within the confines of the board instead of having the blade hanging below, which might be a hazard.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Magma Fillet Board is nice looking with a black ruler and trim that makes the ruler easy to see, unlike some engraved rulers that aren’t colored.


  • Ball/Tube Assembly: 12-13/16″ Length
  • Outside Dimensions: 19-7/8″ x 12-3/4″
  • Includes LeveLock: All-angle, fully adjustable fish rod holder mount

What We Like

  • Superb adjustability
  • Ruler is easy to see
  • Convenient/safe knife holder placement


  • Price
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Rail Mounted Fillet Tables

These rail mounted fillet tables are designed to fit most round or square rails on deck boats and pontoon boats. If you’re looking for tables for a specific rail system, such as Tracker’s Versatrack or Lund Sport Track, then we’ve got that covered below. Otherwise, check out these fillet tables that mount to any round or square rail on your boat that fits the diameter or width requirements.

Brocraft Bait/Fillet Table for Rail Mount7/8" to 1-1/2" Round Rail and 1-1/4" Square Rail19.3" x 11.2"Check Amazon
Arnalls Pontoon Boat TableRequires 1.25" Open Fence Square Railing17.5" X 23.5"Check Amazon

Brocraft Rail Bait and Fillet Table

This fillet table is for mounting on square or round rails, and you also have the option of getting this table with built-in rod holders.

The nice thing about rail mounted tables is it’s easy to get the table angled exactly how you want. Also, since it’s not a permanent installation that requires cutting a hole, it’s easy to move to a different spot on your rails or store it away when it’s not needed.

The Brocraft rail-mounted fillet table is a great bang for your buck and has the essential features you need, such as knife and plier storage. You’ll want to make sure your railing meets the specification requirements for the mounting bracket.


  • UV stabilized, high-density polyethylene
  • Knife Holder and Plier slot
  • Aluminum rail mount fits 7/8″ to 1-1/2″ Round Rail and 1-1/4″ Square Rail

What We Like

  • Solid construction
  • Easy mounting
  • Additional Rod Holders Optional


  • Ruler would be nice, but not a big deal
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Gunwale Mount Fillet Tables

Gunwale mounted accessories are easy to attach and detach as needed, and are perhaps the most convenient option in that regard compared to all the others we’ve discussed. Gunwale mounted accessories attach to a mounting bracket on the upper edge of your boat’s side. The mount stays in place and you can easily detach and attach accessories, such as fillet tables or rod holders, as needed.

The nice feature about gunwale mounted accessories is the mounting bracket often has a low profile and can easily be stored away, much easier than say a rod holder mount where you have a long cylinder attached to your accessory.

Gunwale mounts are really only useful for deck boats, as pontoon boat rails are too small.

Magma Products Econo Mate Bait & Filet Table

The gunwale mount is perhaps a less common mounting system, but it is very convenient and allows you to use your rod holders for rods instead of other accessories if you don’t also have railing. This Magma fillet table is very easy to attach and detach with the simple gunwale mount bracket. The thing about gunwale mounts is that you’re at the mercy of the slope of your gunwale. You don’t really have any angle adjustability with this mount, but it can accommodate some slope since it uses a hinge-like mount.


  • Gunwale Mount Bracket
  • UV stabilized polyethylene
  • Grooved sides and slotted back for overboard drainage
  • FDA Approved for food preparation
  • Knife and Plier Holder
  • 16″ x 12″

What We Like

  • Easy attach/detach
  • High-quality board with drainage and storage slots


  • Ideally you want a 90-degree angle for the table to rest on the side of your boat
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HITORHIKE Bait and Fillet Table with Rod Holders

This might turn into your favorite accessory for your boat after you’ve taken it out for an outing. Rod holders, multiple drink holders, bait and fillet table, knife and plier holders, and a highly adjustable mounting system make this table ideal for any deck boat, or even a kayak.


  • Overall Dimensions: 26.8″ x 18.5″ x 15.7″
  • 2 Rod Holders
  • Drink holders, knife holders, plier holder
  • 360-degree adjustable mount

What We Like

  • More uses than a basic fillet table
  • Can be mounted on kayaks
  • Flexible mounting system


  • No drainage holes
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Fillet Tables for Track Systems

Brocraft Bait/Fillet Table for Tracker Versatrack and Lund Sport Track Systems

The Tracker Versatrack system is built into Tracker boats and allows you to attach a wide variety of accessories to the interior of your boat, such as cup holders, rod holders, tables, and more.

The great thing about the Versatrack is you can easily attach and detach the accessories and move them wherever you want along the track with ease. It’s a truly awesome feature on Tracker boats.

There are some other track systems that this mount may work for, such as Alumacraft and the Lund Sport Track.


  • Dimensions: 19.3″ x 11.2″
  • Universal Gunnel Track Bracket fits the Tracker Versatrack System
  • 2 Knife Holsters and Plier Holder
  • 90-degree and 45-degree Angled Mount Options

What We Like

  • Sturdy Mount Bracket fits track Versatrack and other track systems
  • Easy to remove and store away when not in use


  • No angle adjustment
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What About A Fish Clamp?

Standalone fillet cutting boards, such as the Rapala Poly Fillet Board, often do have built-in clamps for holding your fish in place.

This isn’t true for fillet boards that mount on your boat. They’re easy to add, since most boards are made of polyethylene and you can simply screw down a clamp.

When installing your own clamp be sure to leave enough room between the clamp and the side wall of the table so that the clamp can be compressed completely.

More Information on Boat Fillet Boards

Fillet boards typically are built with materials that can withstand constant UV radiation, so it’s generally not something you need to worry about. As you know, leaving most plastic products out in the sun daily can completely destroy them, but it’s usually not a problem for fillet boards.

Cracking, peeling, and mildew are not a problem for boards constructed with polyethlylene, and it’s approved by the FDA for food preparation.

Know Your Boat

Deck boats generally have very different options compared with pontoon boats when it comes to mounting accessories. Pontoon boat rails are usually square, while deck boats often have round rails or possibly a track system.

If you already have rod holders then you can purchase a fillet table that mounts into those rod holders instead of having to install another type of mount. However, if you only have just enough rod holders for your rods, then this doesn’t work so well.