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Overview: Best Cordless Screwdrivers – All Types

In this article, we’re going to look at cordless electric screwdrivers of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s for general home maintenance, hobby applications, as well as more specialized types for things like small electronics repair and low-torque applications, we’re going to find the right electric screwdriver for you.

Pro Tip

If you already own other cordless tools, then it’s a good idea to buy an electric screwdriver from the same brand since their batteries are often cross-compatible.

You can instantly increase your total battery life for all of your cordless tools and charge one battery while using the other!

Best Cordless Drivers/Drills

These are the more powerful drill/screwdriver hybrid models that most people favor. This category is where you see the cordless screwdrivers that share batteries with other tool made by the same brand. Ryobi is a popular brand that is known for its reliability, but can be a bit more expensive than the others when factoring in battery cost. The Black+Decker is a super popular budget choice that we’ve been using for years and find it suitable for most common home maintenance tasks. DeWALT also has a ton of different products that are cross-compatible with their MAX 20V batteries, and is a great middle-of-the-road option in terms of pricing.

Pro ChoiceRyobi P252 Brushless Drill/DriverPower Tool OnlyCheck Amazon
Best OverallDEWALT (DCD771C2) Compact Drill/Driver Kit Includes 45-piece Drill/Screwdriver SetCheck Amazon
Budget PickBLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill/Driver (LD120VA)Includes 30-piece accessoriesCheck Amazon
Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill KitIncludes 2 Batteries, Carrying CaseCheck Amazon

Best In-line/Pivoting Cordless Screwdrivers

This category features the more screwdriver-like models that you usually grip just like you would a manual screwdriver, but there are also pivoting models that let you swap to a pistol grip. These types are usually slimmer, but you generally see lower torque and the batteries aren’t universal like with the full-size models above, so no swapping them out with other tools.

DEWALT DCF680N1 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver45 Piece Set with CaseCheck Amazon
Milwaukee 2101-21 Screwdriver Kit1 Battery IncludedCheck Amazon
Dremel GO-01 Cordless Electric Screwdriver SetPush to ActivateCheck Amazon
CRAFTSMAN 4V MAX Cordless Screwdriver (CMCF604)Twist to Activate; Manual operation optionalCheck Amazon

Best Small Cordless Screwdrivers

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other small electronics don’t really need the torque and size from full-size cordless screwdrivers. In fact, it’s usually a bad idea to use high-torque drills or drivers on your electronics since you can easily damage or strip screws. So with that in mind, we’re looking at mini cordless screwdrivers that are meant for delicate, precision work on electronics.

POWERGIANT Mini Electric Screwdriver55 Precision Bits, LED Light, Magnetic Mat; 150 RPM maxCheck Current Price
Jakemy Precision Power Screwdriver Repair Toolkit395 RPM, Adjustable 8-speed torque, Includes 14 types of bitsCheck Current Price
wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision Screwdriver 56 Bits, LED Light, Magnetic MatCheck Current Price
iFixit Pro Tech ToolkitNon-electric, but very popular and comprehensive toolkitCheck Current Price

Details on Cordless Drill/Drivers

We’re going to start by looking at some of the drill/driver hybrids that usually have more torque, battery life, and are meant for more heavy-duty tasks.

The major difference between these drill/driver and the other categories we’re reviewing here are the batteries that are able to be used with other power tools made by the same brand. The industry standard has moved toward each manufacturer having a large set of tools that are compatible with the same batteries, so that you can easily swap to another battery if needed. Sticking with the same manufacturer for your cordless power tools certainly pays off with plenty of battery life for a whole weekend of work.

The smaller frames of the other types of cordless screwdrivers means their batteries are usually integrated into the unit and aren’t removable.

Ryobi P252 Brushless Drill/Driver

Ryobi has a huge variety of tools in its One+ lineup including, power washers, LED work lights, hammer drill/drivers, chemical fogger/misters, hedge trimmers, belt sanders, skill saws, and much more. All of them are battery powered and the batteries are cross-compatible with other One+ tools. You can’t go wrong with the Ryobi One+ if you are looking to stick with a single brand to take advantage of the battery compatibility.


  • Over 400 Inch-lbs of torque
  • Belt Clip
  • Weighs 3.04 lbs
  • 18 Volts
  • Max speed: 1800 RPM
  • 24-position Clutch and 2-speed gearbox
  • Brushless motor
  • Usable with the high-capacity 4.0 Ah Ryobi One+ Batteries

What We Like

  • Adjusts to light-duty screwdriving tasks as well as medium-duty home improvement projects
  • One+ Battery Cross-compatibility
  • Onboard magnetic tray for holding fasteners and bits


  • Relatively large investment for the driver and batteries sold separately
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DEWALT (DCD771C2) Compact Drill/Driver Kit

The DeWALT Drill/Driver Kit includes most of the necessary bits to get you started building a collection of tools for your home maintenance needs, and it comes in at a great price. You can get this 45-piece screwdriver kit, the 21-piece drill kit, or opt for just the drill/driver itself. It has a slightly lower maximum RPM compared to the Ryobi, but is still more than adequate for medium-duty tasks. You still get great cross-compatibility with other DeWALT MAX cordless products, so this is a good option if you plan on buying more DeWALT tools or already own them. DeWALT has 180+ products that can use the same MAX 20V Lithium Ion batteries.

Great option for a new homeowner gift or wedding gift!


  • 300 UWO (Unit Watts Out) of power
  • Titanium Pilot Point for longer bit life
  • Brushless
  • Two-speed Transmission (0-450 & 1500 RPM)
  • 1/2″ Single sleeve ratcheting chuck
  • Part# DCD771C2

What We Like

  • Versatile bit and drill set options
  • Great Price Vs. Performance
  • Cross-compatibility with other MAX 20V cordless devices


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill/Driver (LD120VA)

The BLACK+DECKER model is a great budget option and includes plenty of bits to get you started, including drill bits, screwdriving bits, nut drivers, and the unit has a magnetic bit holder. Additionally, you get the same battery cross-compatibility we’ve seen with other brands with a wide variety of cordless power tools available from BLACK+DECKER.

We’ve been using this exact model for a few years now along with the cordless trimmer. BLACK+DECKER also has chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers, and many more tools that are compatible with the same batteries.


  • LD120 Drill
  • LB20 20V MAX Lithium-ion Battery
  • 24-position clutch
  • 30 Accessories
  • Part#LD120VA
  • Torque: 300 in-lbs
  • 3/8″ Chuck
  • 2-year Warranty

What We Like

  • Great Price vs. Performance
  • Battery cross-compatibility
  • Complete starter set of bits
  • Plenty of torque for medium-duty tasks
  • Variable speed trigger


  • Slightly weaker max torque than other drills, but the price is so good
  • Bit set quality isn’t amazing, but works well enough for simple tasks
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Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill Kit

Metabo HPT is the new branding of Hitachi Power Tools. Hitachi has been a popular, high-quality power tool brand for many years. This particular model has a higher maximum torque than the BLACK+DECKER above at 400 in-lbs.

Again, you have many cordless tools available from Metabo HPT that use the same battery. This is really becoming an industry standard now, which is great.


  • 400 in-lbs of torque
  • LED light
  • 1/2″ Chuck
  • 22+1 Stage clutch with 22 torque settings and a drill mode
  • 18V
  • 2-year Warranty for battery
  • Model# DS18DGL

What We Like

  • Higher torque for more difficult tasks
  • Battery cross-compatibility
  • Variable speed trigger


  • Bit set isn’t amazing quality
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WORX Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver

The WORX Switchdriver is an incredibly unique product and makes it easy to swap between two bits by simply rotating the head of the drill/driver. Swapping bits after drilling a pilot hole is something we’ve accepted forever, but the Switchdriver saves a ton of time and is easy to use.

The WORX WX176L has all the features we’ve seen on other similarly priced cordless screwdrivers and drills, plus more. WORX has a more power tools that their batteries can be used with, but it is a newer product line and isn’t as robust as Ryobi, DeWALT, or other popular brands we’ve covered here.


  • 1500 Watts
  • Weighs 2.9 lbs
  • Battery + Charger included
  • 20V
  • 3-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Electronic Torque Control
  • Two-speed gears
  • Model #WX176L

What We Like

  • Switchdriver function speaks for itself
  • Easy chuck operation and the rotating head is locked in place to prevent accidental rotation
  • Compact size and comfortable grip


  • Users have reported that the charger doesn’t have an auto shut-off and batteries will fail if left plugged in too long
  • Relatively weak torque for a 20V drill/driver
  • Quality concerns

Some users have reported unit failure after a year. It’s not clear if this is simply battery failure or if the drill/driver itself failed. We’re going to keep an eye on new user’s reviews to see if WORX updates the product or if more negative reviews come in. You do get a 3-year warranty with this product, but you need to make sure you register for it.

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Details on Pivoting & In-line Cordless Screwdrivers

In this section, we’re looking at models with a pivoting handle as well as . They fit into places that traditional gun-like screwdrivers and drills are either too large to use or very uncomfortable to work efficiently. The pivot feature allows you to swap between the traditional pistol grip or the in-line grip, which means you can easily adapt to situations where a screw is in an inconvenient location.

Easy activation means you can power on the screwdriver using a switch in a convenient location or using motion activation. When you first start a screw with your screwdriver you don’t want the RPM to immediately jump to max power before you’ve even got the screw comfortably into your material. Variable RPM means you can easily control torque based on the amount of pressure, a twisting motion, or a simple manual switch.

First, take a look at this comparison table of some of our leading models of in-line electric screwdrivers. Below, we go into more detail about each model as well as some of the common features that may be important to you when making your purchase.

Makita DF001DW Screwdriver KitDual-position handle; 81-piece accessory bit set; Built-in 1.5Ah Battery$$$Check Amazon
DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit (DCF682N1)Motion activation and variable speed; Integrated battery with excellent life$$$Check Amazon
BLACK+DECKER Cordless Screwdriver4V Lithium-ion Battery; Best for light-duty tasks$Check Amazon
Metabo HPT Cordless Screwdriver KitDual-position handle; 21 Clutch settings; 2 Speeds, LED Light$$$Check Amazon
Dremel GO-01 Powered Cordless Electric Screwdriver SetPush to activate; Integrated rechargeable battery$Check Amazon
Milwaukee 2101-21 M4 Screwdriver KitPivoting handle helps fit into tight workspaces; Best quality and performance$$$$Check Amazon
Craftsman 4V MAX Cordless Screwdriver (CMCF604)Motion activation (similar to DeWALT model); Ultra Compact; micro USB charging$$Check Amazon
SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless ScrewdriverRechargeable lithium-ion battery; Ultra Compact; micro USB charging$$Check Amazon
TECCPO Electric ScrewdriverIncludes 45 piece accessories (bits and sockets); 9 torque options; 2000mAh rechargeable battery$Check Amazon

DeWALT Cordless Gyroscopic Screwdriver Kit

The DeWALT checks all the boxes in terms of essential features. If you already have DeWALT cordless tools that use the same battery or charger, then even better. The size, power, and battery life make it ideal for driving screws into wood, plastic, and light-gauge metal. Easy tasks such as assembling furniture, disassembling appliances, or putting screws into wall studs are where this screwdriver shines and helps you get the job done in seconds.


  • Model #DCF682N1
  • Gyroscopic Motion Activation for Driving or Reversing
  • Variable Speed of 0 to 430 RPM
  • LED Light
  • 1/4″ Hex, Holds 1-inch bit tips
  • 8V MAX Battery Pack – Charges in 1 hour

What We Like

  • The gyroscopic activation feels intuitive and its easy to find the right amount of force
  • Impressive battery life with quick charging


  • The bit holder isn’t magnetic
  • Not all jobs are meant for a gyroscopic screwdriver, but it’s nice to have when you need it

You can purchase the DeWALT DCF682N1 Cordless Screwdriver alone or with a 45-piece Bit Set or DS150 Tough System Case. The case is a typical structural foam box that’s durable and stacks easily. It has an IP65 water seal and anti-rust metal latches to protect the case and contents from moisture.

BLACK+DECKER BDCSFL20C Cordless Screwdriver

The Black+Decker In-line Cordless Screwdriver is one of the budget models on our list, and it’s handy for very small tasks, such as removing receptacle covers, removing screws or bolts from appliances, small electronics repairs, or hanging pictures. It does not have the motion activation feature we’ve seen with other models, and instead you have a trigger with a forward/reverse switch that you manually operate. Also, there is no variable speed and it’s simply on or off. If you really like the motion activation feature, then this certainly isn’t the model for you, but some people prefer the trigger system and find the motion activation to feel awkward.

The pivoting handle can be locked into 3 positions that give you a lot of accessibility when working in tight spaces. The flashlight is much larger than the LED lights you typically see on recent models, but it is not activated by pulling the trigger, but rather by a separate button. The nice thing about this is that you can use the flashlight normally without having the screwdriver activated.


  • Model #BDCSFL20C
  • 3-position Pivoting Handle
  • 4V Max Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Flashlight function

What We Like

  • Great for light-duty tasks
  • Inexpensive


  • The flashlight adds bulk to the end of the screwdriver which might not be helpful in small spaces
  • Torque is weak for all but the smallest tasks
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Dremel GO-01 Powered Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set

This Dremel in-line electric screwdriver uses a push-to-activate mechanism as opposed to the other type of motion activation we saw with the DeWALT model that you have to twist. When starting a screw you generally hold it steady with one hand and push your screwdriver in while twisting with the other hand. The push-to-activate style is a bit more intuitive to use for some people and some applications. However, others find the torque to be inconsistent and the lack of a simple trigger to be frustrating.


  • Model #GO-01
  • Measurement System: Imperial
  • 1/4″ Magnetic Hex Shank
  • 360 RPM
  • Includes 7 common 1/4″ Hex Bits: PH1, PH2, H5, R2, S6, T20, T25
  • 3.6V Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Variable Torque Setting
  • Push Activation

What We Like

  • Magnetic shank
  • Variable torque is always nice to have and some lower-priced models lack it
  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable battery is nice to see at this price point


  • Push-to-activate isn’t always convenient, especially for delicate jobs that don’t require much torque

Milwaukee M4 2101-21 Screwdriver Kit

The Milkwaukee In-line Screwdriver is one of the pricier models, especially if you opt for the 2 batteries. While having an extra battery for this screwdriver means you can get more battery life, the size of the battery means it isn’t necessarily cross-compatible with other Milwaukee cordless products.

The torque and speed settings are perfect for making sure you don’t apply too much force to screws in delicate materials.


  • Model #2101-21
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • 4 Speed Settings
  • Lithium-ion Battery Included
  • Pivoting handle for in-line usage
  • 1/4″ Hex

What We Like

  • Pivot handle is convenient for getting a comfortable grip in any situation
  • Though the speed isn’t “variable” you can adjust to a high or low speed setting, just not as granular as pressure-sensitive triggers
  • Bits lock into place


  • No LED Light – not a deal-breaker, but nice to have
  • The battery is a new design and may not work with older Milwaukee batteries you may own

Metabo HPT (Hitachi) Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Hitachi Power Tools has been renamed to Metabo HPT, so you will see this new name across all their tool products. This in-line screwdriver has a dual position handle, LED light, and 21 clutch settings. The clutch settings are a great feature that helps you avoid stripping screw heads or driving screws too deep into materials, such as drywall.

The Metabo HPT model also has a removable battery and includes 2 batteries with the carry case and charger. Though you don’t get variable RPMs based on trigger pressure, you do get two speeds at 260 RPM and 780 RPM. Additionally, the LED light is activated by a button on the handle that’s in a convenient location and can be left on to be used like a normal flashlight without activating the screwdriver. The LED light will conveniently turn off automatically if left on for a period of time to avoid draining the battery, which can be a lifesaver.


  • Model #DB3DL2
  • 1.5Ah, 3.6V Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Phillips bits, Carry Case
  • LED Light
  • Pivot handle for pistol grip or straight
  • Torque: 44 in-lb
  • Head style: Hex
  • Measurement System: Metric

What We Like

  • A lot of great features at a great price
  • The torque control and two speed settings offer great versatility
  • Slim design AND removable batteries


  • Button placement isn’t too convenient in pistol grip

Details on Small Cordless Screwdrivers

These mini cordless screwdrivers are the smallest options available that work very well with electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, RC applications, and other electronics hobbies. If you like repairing your own electronics, then this is what you’re looking for. Low torque is crucial to avoid stripping screws or damaging circuit boards, and making it easy to control means no mistakes.

We also included one non-electric option, the very popular iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. It’s a very well-designed toolkit that includes every tool you need for repairing smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Sometimes there’s more to it than a screwdriver and this kit has it all.

Another common item you might need for electronics repair, especially smartphones and tablets, is a heat gun or heat plate. Glue is extremely common for holding these devices together, screens in particular, so keeping a heat device around is crucial.

Best Overall

Jakemy Precision Power Screwdriver Repair Toolkit

The Jakemy Precision Screwdriver has a higher maximum torque than the Powergiant above, and has 8 different torque settings to help you get exactly as much as you need. This can be handy when dealing with larger electronics that often have tighter screws and bolts, such as laptops or desktop computers.

The battery is also larger with 800mA output at 3.7V. You can expect to get about 3 hours of continuous use.

One downside we’ve noticed is the placement of the activation button. Perhaps the reason the activation button on the Jakemy is higher up on the unit is to make room for the torque adjustment mechanism. These are pen-like size screwdrivers so there isn’t a ton of room for the internal components and battery. So while it isn’t in a great spot, the screwdriver still works great and is our top pick in this category.

Many users feel that the torque adjustments available on the Jakemy are essential and make this a great buy.


  • Speed: 395 RPM, Adjustable 8-speed torque
  • 3.7V, 800mA Lithium Battery
  • 14 types of bits included
  • Charging indicator light
  • Fits 3.96mm hex bits

What We Like

  • 8 torque settings are crucial for getting exactly the force you need
  • Rotation speed is fast which helps when removing many screws


  • The button activation placement is a little awkward and should be lower
  • A contoured body with rubber grip would help make it easier to hold
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POWERGIANT Mini Electric Precision Screwdriver

The rotation speed of this precision screwdriver is 150 RPM. That’s about 10 times fewer rotations per minute than we see with full-size cordless screwdrivers, which is exactly what you want for delicate electronics work.

You can expect the battery to last for 2 hours of continuous use. Also, the shadow-less lighting design means there are 3 LED lights that completely brighten the area you’re working in so you’re going to more easily stay aware of what you’re doing.

The battery inside the screwdriver is a 260mAh lithium-ion battery, which charges in about 40 minutes.


  • 57-in-1 Set includes storage case, 4-corner magnetic case cover, 55-piece screwdriver bit set, and extension rod.
  • 360-degree Shadow-less lighting with 3 LED lights
  • Magnetic Bits
  • Simple press-and-hold activation for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation
  • Aluminum body
  • 3.7V, 260mAh Lithium Battery
  • Charging Port: Micro USB

What We Like

  • LED lighting is excellent
  • Fast charging and adequate battery life
  • Button-activation is in a convenient location


  • Lack of torque control
  • A contoured body with rubber grip would help make it easier to hold
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Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision Screwdriver

The Wowstick is closer to the Powergiant in terms of torque and RPMs than the Jakemy, so it’s a lower powered precision screwdriver. It also doesn’t have different speed settings you can swap to. Sometimes with larger electronics or really tight screws you need to vary the torque to “break loose” the screw and get it started. Not being able to increase or decrease the torque means you might have to use a manual screwdriver to get started then swap to the electric to quickly finish.

It’s a good idea to check the current prices to see if the Jakemy is still the better buy, but at the time this article was published we felt the Jakemy’s features and price outweighs the other options here.


  • Includes 56 popular bits
  • 200RPM load-free
  • LED lighting and USB charge port
  • Slim aluminum housing
  • 3.7V, 280mAh Lithium Battery
  • Charging Time: 40 minutes

What We Like

  • Slightly more power than the Powergiant model
  • Large bit set included
  • LED Lighting


  • Lack of torque control
  • A contoured body with rubber grip would help make it easier to hold
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Cordless Screwdriver Be Used As A Drill?

In short, yes. The larger, more powerful models such as the Milwaukee or DeWALT we reviewed here are capable of drilling with small bits into plastic, sheet metal, or drywall. With the particular models we’re looking at in this article you generally won’t have the same amount of power as cordless drills intended for drilling. These screwdrivers are meant for more light-duty tasks for simple home improvement projects.

What is Motion Activation?

We’ve found that motion activation, either by twisting or pushing the body of the screwdriver, is a somewhat heated topic when it comes to customer reviews and experiences. Some people prefer one over the other, while others would rather just have a traditional button or trigger to push.

Twist-activated cordless screwdrivers are activated by the natural motion of twisting the body of the screwdriver as you normally would with a manual screwdriver. It’s not always easy to wrap your hand around the screwdriver body when you’re trying to work in tight spaces, which makes twisting somewhat difficult and unpredictable so that you my knock the screw out of place.

When we want to insert or remove a screw, you normally have to apply some pressure to keep the bit in the head of the screw, so push-activation also seems like a natural choice for powering on an electric screwdriver. For this type, it’s especially helpful to make a pilot hole so that when you apply pressure you don’t mess up the positioning of the screw or drop it. Pilot hole are recommended in any case, however, and help avoid unnecessary damage to surfaces.

If you’ve never had any experience with either type, then a standard button or trigger is a safe bet.


Perhaps the most important feature when deciding which to buy is whether or not the battery is removable and fits other cordless tools you may own. As you probably know, sticking with a single manufacturer for your cordless tools means you get to take advantage of cross-compatibility of accessories and batteries. Popular manufacturers such as Ryobi, DeWALT, Black+Decker, Craftsman, or Makita have a collection of tools for just about every application that often include batteries that are compatible with their other products.

If you’re starting fresh, then consider what other cordless household tools you may need and plan ahead. For example, Makita has an excellent cordless driver-drill and highly-rated cordless string trimmer. Also, Makita states that as of 2018 they had 200+ tools capable of using their 36V and 18V batteries and chargers.

By purchasing these tools with batteries included you effectively increase the overall battery life you have available with all your tools since you can charge more batteries and have more batteries to use.

Of course, price is also a factor to keep in mind and you should definitely compare the other products your interested in and see how prices compare across brands.

Sometimes you want to be able to alternate between a straight handle or pistol grip. An in-line screwdriver offers a slim profile and more versatility for fitting in tight spaces than standard electric screwdrivers.

One of our favorites is the Makita DF001DW Screwdriver Kit. It has a built-in 3.6V lithium-ion battery, which means it’s not detachable and usable in other products. However, this seems to be the best way to maintain the slim design of the screwdriver and get the most battery life.

The Makita includes an 81-piece bit set and has a built-in LED that you activate with a button, so you can leave it on even you’re not pressing the trigger and use it as a flashlight. The ultra-light carry case and included bit set make this a great value and we’ve seen great quality products from Makita over the years, so the overwhelmingly positive reviews of this in-line screwdriver aren’t surprising.

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What We Like

  • Large Bit Kit and Carry Case – 81 pieces
  • Built-in 1.5Ah Battery
  • Pivoting handle – Straight barrel or pistol grip
  • Slim Profile


  • No torque control

As with most in-line cordless screwdrivers, the Makita is meant for light duty tasks and isn’t going to drive framing screws, but for its purpose it works well.